Beginner Planes

Revolution Ascent RTF $39.99

 The Revolution Ascent MTx is perfect for getting you started in RC  flight. It features a nearly indestructible EPP foam airframe design  that’s lightweight and inherently stable. 

Revolution Ascent X RTF $79.99

 The Revolution Ascent SPX is the perfect choice for first-time pilots.  It's stable and durable, and the pusher configuration keeps the  propeller out of harms way. 

Super Cub S RTF w/DXE $199.99

 The first choice for thousands, the HobbyZone Super Cub has been one of  the most popular trainer aircraft on the market thanks to its excellent  looks and solid performance. This slow-flying, three-channel trainer  makes adjusting to the sensation of flight an easy process. Horizon  Hobby has integrated the revolutionary SAFE technology system into the  Super Cub S to make it easier than ever to teach yourself to fly. 

Apprentice S 15e BNF $249.99

 The E-flite Apprentice S 15e BNF airplane is an exceptional trainer featuring groundbreaking SAFE technology. It’s a blast to fly even for the intermediate pilot who will love its maneuverability and float plane conversion option. 

Advanced Planes

T-28 Trojan BNF Basic $199.99

 The original ParkZone® T-28 park flyer is  practically a legend among the RC electric flight community. In  production for nearly a decade, its friendly flying characteristics  revolutionized warbird flying in convenient park-size settings. As a  result, thousands of hobbyists were introduced to the benefits of  brushless electric power and four-channel flight. 

Timber 1.5m BNF Basic AS3X with Floats $249.99

 The Timber 1.5m park flyer is a versatile sport design with the heart  of a bush plane. Equipped with its shock-absorbing, Tundra-tire landing  gear, it can take off and land in two feet or less. An optional float  set with rudders is also included! 

X-VERT VTOL BNF Basic $149.99

 The E-flite X-VERT VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) park flyer's  simple, tail-sitter design and SAFE technology make it easy for almost  anyone to enjoy its amazing flight capabilities. You can have this  Bind-N-Fly Basic version flying in no time. 

UMX P3 Revolution BNF $99.99

 The E-flite UMX P3 Revolution biplane is a Mike McConville adaptation of  the unique aircraft designed for Skip Stewart Airshows. An exclusive  E-flite model for this size class, it delivers 3D maneuvering capability  with the stability of AS3X technology. 

UMX Yak 54 3D BNF $99.99

 The compact UMX Yak 54 3D ultra-micro is equipped with a specially  tuned AS3X receiver that makes it easy for sport pilots to discover the  fun of 3D flight without sacrificing any of the agility an expert 3D  pilot demands. 

P-47 1.2m BNF Basic $269.99

 This gorgeous 1.2m replica of the Razorback P-47D perfectly captures the  power and presence of this one-of-a-kind warbird. And because it comes  equipped with an AS3X receiver that features optional SAFE Select  technology, pilots of almost any skill level will find it’s as much fun  to fly as it is to look at.  

FMS EXTRA 300 PNP, 1300mm $199.99

 FMS  has captured the essence of the Extra E300's incredible performance.  This model flies extreme aerobatics with the same sense of power and  precision you would expect of the real E300. 

F4U-4 Corsair 1.2M BNF $269.99

 The E-flite F-4U-4 Corsair 1.2m is a full-house park flyer with functional three-panel flaps, electric 90-degree rotating retracts and an AS3X system that makes this park flyer handle rock-solid like a much  larger warbird. 

Sbach 342 1300mm PNP $199.99

 FMS has captured the essence of the 342’s incredible performance that  flies extreme aerobatics with the same sense of power and precision you  would expect of a real plane.