Brushed Boats

React 17-Deep-V Brushed:RTR $99.99

 The Pro Boat React 17 puts you in command of  precision crafted Deep-V that you can take nearly anywhere. A  self-righting hull guarantees you’ll never be “up a creek without a  paddle” if you ever go belly up. 

Aqua Dart RTR $69.99

 The Aqua Dart is an easy, affordable way to have RC boating fun at the  local pond or pool.   Fast, quick turns are a big part of what makes the  Aqua Dart fun to drive, even in confined spaces like medium to large  pools. 

Black Marlin RTR $119.99

 The Black Marlin will have you racing across your local pond or lake in no time! Its speed is generated by the water-cooled 390-size motor in combination with an included 1500mAh Lithium Ion battery pack,  which is unique in this price/size class. 

Roguewave 10” self-righting F1 tunnel hull $69.99

 A quick, nimble and durable electric boat that is perfect for pools or  small ponds. Everything you need for fun is even included in the box 

Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V Brushed: RTR $159.99

 The razor-sharp Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V comes ready to blend in and  turn heads at a moment’s notice. The perfect addition to any arsenal,  the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V is ideal when the mission calls for speed,  precision, and style. 

Jet Jam 12-inch Pool Racer RTR $89.99

 The self-righting Pro Boat Jet Jam is one of the coolest boats on the market. It’s perfect for a day at the lake or an afternoon at the pool. Whether the sun is shining or rain is pouring, you can run the Jet Jam  in shallow water (as little as three inches!) or in deeper areas. 

Brushless Boats

Blackjack 29-inch Catamaran Brushless V3: RTR $349.99

 The Pro Boat Blackjack 29 Catamaran makes larger and more expensive RC boats look like they drew the bottom pair. This ballistic catamaran  doubles down on speed with a 2000Kv brushless motor and 120A ESC that  can handle up to 6S of LiPo battery power. With its optimized fiberglass  hull, you can slice through the water with unprecedented ease. So go  ahead and let those other boats bet the house, with the Blackjack 29  catamaran chances are you’ll be walking away with the jackpot anyway.  

Shockwave 26-inch BL Deep-V RTR $229.99

 If you crave high-speed Deep-V boating without compromise, then the Pro Boat ShockWave Deep-V powerboat has you covered with relentless features and impressive performance characteristics. Equipped with a 2000Kv water-cooled brushless motor and LiPo compatible 30-amp ESC, the ShockWave powerboat has the water cutting power you want. Deep-V powerboats are all about precision; the ShockWave Deep-V is no exception delivering pulse-pounding turns using an authoritative servo you just  don’t typically find in a deep-v of its size. So shock the competition or give your friends whiplash as you streak by with the ShockWave 26  Deep-V.