Beginner Drones

Rage X-Fly VTOL Drone $29.99


  •   Perform insane stunts in every direction!
  •   2.4GHz 4 channel radio control
  •   Extreme lithium battery power!

Rage X-Fly Drone $59.99

 The X-Fly VTOL is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) aircraft, so it comes  factory-assembled out-of-the-box with most everything needed to begin  your own awesome flying experience.  

Revolution Invezo Drone $39.99

 The Revolution Invezo Stunt Drone is easy to fly, even if it's your  first time. After mastering the basics, the durable Invezo can take your  skills higher with Easy, Pro and 3D modes plus 360° flip and inverted  flight capabilities. 

LaTrax Alias RTF Drone $99.99

 Alias is a clean-sheet design that focuses on the performance and design  elements that make flying, and even learning to fly, fun. The first  mission objective was durability. Alias is built around a unique  molded-composite frame that is combined with clever high-tech  construction to make it extremely light and virtually indestructible. 

Camera Drones

Dromida Kodo HD Drone $59.99

 The digital camera in the KODO HD offers you more than high-definition resolution; it gives you full high-definition 1080p resolution to work with, so you can shoot videos and pictures of unprecedented sharpness and clarity. 

Vizo FPV Camera Drone $79.99

 The Revolution Vizo FPV Camera Drone makes capturing aerial photos and  taking video with a quadcopter drone easy. Innovative altitude hold plus  automatic takeoffs and landings at the press of a button, make flying  simple so almost anyone can do it. 

Rage Orbit FPV Camera Drone $59.99

 If you've been looking for the right drone to give FPV flight a try, the  Orbit FPV Pocket Drone is the aircraft for you. The Orbit features  folding arms and props that allow it to fold to a size easily carried in  a pocket using the included carrying bag, making it ready for flight at  a moment's notice. 

Century FPV WiFi HD Drone $99.99

 If you've hesitated to enter the popular and exciting world of aerial  photography because of complexity or cost, the Century FPV (First Person  View) multirotor drone is the perfect solution. Its convenient size,  ease of use, safety features and high visibility color scheme are  coupled with a long list of standard features including micro 1280p x  720p HD camera, precision 2.4GHz transmitter with the option of  smartphone or tablet flight control, 6-axis microprocessor-controlled  gyroscopic stabilization, altitude lock, heading hold mode, one-touch  automatic takeoff/landing control and more!    

KODO FPV RTF w/Goggles $89.99

 The KODO FPV is a ready-to-fly package includes everything you need to  enjoy easy, affordable FPV out of the box! The 2 ms low-latency Wi-Fi  camera is engineered to shoot fast-moving flights with superior quality.  See all the action with the goggles and your smartphone—or you can  mount your smartphone on the 2.4GHz radio's transmitter holder. 

RISE Vusion House Racer 125 FPV 5.8G Quad Race Pack $179.99

 The Vusion House Racer is tough enough to take  on every room of your house – and bounce back for more. See your world  in a whole new way with immersive, exciting FPV flight. Experience races  in real time with the included goggles, LCD monitor and FPV camera. 

Indorfin 130 Brushless FPV Race Drone RTF $299.99

 If high speed RC flights in an exceptional, small FPV race drone are  your thing, you’ll want to check out the cutting edge INDORFIN. It’s  available in both FPV-R and fully loaded Race Pack versions for pro and  beginner pilots. Either way, you get the power of 3S LiPo batteries for  blistering speed and a carbon fiber frame for exceptional durability. 

Vusion 250 Racer FPV-R Racing Drone 200mW $219.99

 The revolutionary Vusion 250 FPV blends innovation and convenience for  the ultimate First Person View racing drone. It's the first and only  injection-molded RTF 250-size racing drone to come with all essential  FPV equipment installed. All parts are seamlessly integrated in a way  that's hard to get with any homebuilt. That means you'll take every  course with confidence and dominate. Pick your goggle and radio and take  to the FPV world by storm! 

Autel EVO FPV GPS Drone $999.99

 Capture video from the air using this orange Autel Robotics EVO  quadcopter drone. The full-color video panel on the controller gives you  a real-time view of the terrain below, and the four propellers let you  precisely maneuver the drone into position over your subject. This Autel  Robotics EVO quadcopter drone folds into a compact configuration for  storage.